The Government of India has identified Jodhpur and adjoining areas of Barmer as one of the Mega Clusters to be implemented under the “Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme” (CHCDS) of the Ministry of Textiles. Based on the core competitive parameters of the cluster, the scheme aims to provide an inclusive model of development by scaling up infrastructure and strengthening the value chain and building the capacities of the various cluster stakeholders.

O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles has sanctioned following program to EPCH:

  1. Skill Development Program
  2. Market Promotion
  3. Setting-up  Trade Facilitation Centre (TFC) at Jodhpur
  • Objective Skill Development Program
    • To address the current limitations of the cluster in terms of lack of skilled manpower for producing high value added and diversified products ranging from furniture, accessories, made-ups, garments and novelties.

To provide standardized training for improving skill sets needed for handling/ manufacturing wooden and iron furniture, value addition in textile products e.g. Block printing, embroidery soft skills and enterprise development aimed at the overall capacity building of the artisans.

Market Promotion


The project aim is to strengthen market linkages to the cluster through development of concerted strategies with specific focus on domestic markets and emerging international markets.  The various interventions aims at increasing the cluster turnover, enabling large number cluster entrepreneurs and artisans to have direct market access, reducing dependency on buying agencies, promoting greater awareness about the cluster product and increasing market presence and penetration through a strong branding and promotion strategies.

Activities under market Promotion as follow:

  1. Domestic Market Promotion
  2. International Market Promotion
  3. Branding and Promotion

Setting up of Trade Facilitation Centre at Boranada, Jodhpur

With the objective to establish a state-of-art Trade Facilitation Centre that would serve as a platform to -hold trade fairs, retail exhibitions, buyer-seller meets, special promotional events, conduct workshops, conferences and fashion events. The facility would provide the necessary infrastructure and support services comparable to international standards to host buyers, designers and resource persons and provide all required support services, O/o DC (Handicrafts) has approved and sanctioned Setting up Trade Facilitation Centre at Boranada, Jodhpur to EPCH