An exclusive model to ensure sustainable all-round development of the cluster and its primary stake holders has been designed by the Office of the DC (Handicrafts) on the basis of detailed diagnostic study and detailed stake holders consultations. Based on the study, Government of India has identified Jodhpur and adjoining areas of Barmer as one of the Mega Clusters to be implemented under the scheme. Jodhpur is a major handicrafts cluster which is pre-dominantly an export oriented cluster. The major export markets for products produced in Jodhpur are USA and European Union.   The Jodhpur Cluster is contributing over 10% of the handicrafts exports in the country. The hardwood and metal furniture and home accessories are the specialization of Jodhpur cluster. The exports from the Jodhpur which was Rs. 400 crores in 1999-2000 have increased to Rs. 3171 crores in 2012-13. Large number of Crafts persons is engaged in the cluster and about 400 exporters are engaged in the production of wooden and iron handicrafts which are being exported to the major world market in USA and EU.   In view of this, the major interventions proposed by the study is to implement under the Jodhpur Mega Cluster is Market promotion which aims at strengthening market linkages to the cluster through development of a consorted strategy with specific focus on domestic markets and emerging international markets.

In the past few years, the cluster has been experiencing slow growth due to recession in USA and Europe. The poor market situation has further aggravated due to the lack of presence in the domestic market and poor awareness among buyer both in the domestic market and new emerging global markets. Most market promotion activities have been undertaken at an individual level by the participation of the large exporters in leading national and international trade fairs and with the help of buying agencies. Majority of the entrepreneurs which includes medium, small and grass root enterprises acted as job workers and relied on the buying agents which resulted in low profit margins and limited growth potential. After initiating Marketing activities by the Council, various measures have been taken by providing participation in exhibitions abroad to the entrepreneurs and exporters of Jodhpur. Further, craft specific exhibitions were conducted in Jodhpur with the view to create awareness about the products of the Jodhpur cluster and enhance market linkages to explore exports.   The products of Jodhpur mega cluster have potentiality as the production a grass root level is substantial and in order to cope up the supply and its marketing, market promotion programme envisaged for the Jodhpur cluster is invariably required to establish the cluster and explore exports and to generate employment in the sector besides improving living standards of lakhs of crafts persons engaged in the cluster of Jodhpur.